Art After School

Manion Studios

Free! t-shirt, Limited supply first come first serve to new AAS Members!

Students will participate in art lessons, crafts, art education and community involvement. These classes are important for kids in this day an age. We offer creative learning experiences as well as skills they can put to use in every day life. This includes at least 3 classes per month. see options.

What will kids our experience?

  • Drawing lessons
  • Creative crafts
  • Art Games
  • Art History
  • Art related media (documentaries)
  • Fundraising
  • Community showings and connections
  • Access to most 2D art materials.

Note> Last week of every month is no AAS! (ie middle school AAS is the first 3 Mondays of every Month)

If you want to ensure a spot for the following Month you need to make sure to purchase that spot! all Months shown are available. 

AAS is held at Manion Studios, downtown the Dalles.

(snacks available on site as well!)

 See you here!

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